I love to tell stories…

Stories to entertain, raise an eyebrow or a laugh. Sometimes these stories try to sell you something: a product, a concept, a set of values… Sometimes they try to shine a light, provoke discussion and promote change. Throughout all the forms my work takes, you’ll find a passion for authenticity, lucidity and above all, a great story.

I thrive on the variety and flexibility of freelancing - bouncing from commercials to long-form, or from comedy to serious documentary. Because I fully invest in every job I take on, I’ve collected 44 industry awards. With my 20 years experience and leadership background, I’m often tasked with managing clients and in-house creative teams.

  • Equally at ease leading large or small productions, at home or abroad.
  • Self-editor in Adobe Premiere - with extensive experience of directing for VFX.
  • Versatile, professional voiceover artist.